Our work begins with listening. We ask lots of questions, then listen more.
For smaller projects we work with basic consultants, contractors and suppliers. For larger projects we assemble and coordinate the additional expertise and horsepower needed for effective, timely results.
Project Management
Site Analysis
By the time pencil reaches paper and shapes and spaces begin streaming out, we know what you are looking for, how it should work, and what we need to solve to make it happen.
Site Planning
Design is a collaborative, complex process. So you'll find that we're obsessive about the value of the team, communication and organization.
Conceptual Design Studies
Sustainable Design
In the end our goal is that you realize your vision in all respects - that your project is achieved within your budget and schedule, performs as you require, makes efficient use of resources, is environmentally conscious, and in every possible way enhances the lives of those who use it.
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents
Planning Authority Review Documents
Richard Gabriel, AIA brings 25+ years experience covering all phases of architectural practice, working as Senior Architect, Project Manager, Senior Designer, and as Design Partner. Having lived / worked in 5 and traveled in 24 countries / territories outside the continental United States, and spent several years in the consumer products industry as well, he has developed a wide view toward problem-solving and a unique combination of management know-how and creative capability, skills that inform and strengthen every project.

Construction Administration
Graphic Presentation Materials
Architectural Support
for Contractor-led Design-Build Projects