Gabriel served as Project Designer of this educational facility planned to simulate a colony on Mars, to be constructed of components easily transportable from Earth, assembled with a minimum of equipment, placed into operation quickly, and capable of supporting life in an extremely hostile environment.
The large-scale informs
with cutting-edge management,
building techniques and systems.
The small-scale informs
with the importance
of moment-by-moment experience.
Awareness of both can yield
an exceptional result
- even magic -
whether your project is modest
or monumental.
Gabriel served as Project Manager / Architect / Designer to provide planning in response to unique education-specification philosophy and requirements, to deliver creative solutions to classroom and specialty building needs, and to develop an inspiring design integrated across eighteen buildings and three different construction systems. His responsibilites included managing the in-house design team and coordinating the work of outside design and engineering consultants. Project delayed due to the economy.
With unique wheelchair access and excellent sight-lines, this teaching theater became a model for later Rainforth-Grau school theaters.
Medical Office Building 2 was designed to serve 119 providers and include radiology, nuclear medicine, clinical laboratory, occupational medicine, pharmacy, pediatrics, adult hematology and oncology, gastroenterology, ob/gyn, neurology, cardiology, outpatient procedures and other services.
Gabriel served as
Project Designer.
Gabriel served as Project Manager for the CD phase, including submittal to OSHPD (California Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development).
As Project Manager for the CD phase, Gabriel coordinated work of the Core & Shell and TI teams, including revisions to better integrate facility planning with mechanical and structural systems, and meet Kaiser's stringent square footage and design requirements.