"After talking with contractors who seemed unable to solve my small project, and who could not provide clear costs, Richard and Ann listened carefully to my requirements and comments, developed a beautiful design that gave me what I needed, then worked diligently to get results in a budget I could live with."
With 25+ years experience covering a variety of project types (residential, commercial, institutional, educational, healthcare), responsibilites including Project Manager, Project Architect and Project Designer, industrial design experience, and work in five countries/territories outside the U.S., Mr. Gabriel brings a multi-professional, multi-cultural background for a broad-spectrum view of your project's design possibilities, and a deep creative well from which to draw powerful answers richly expressed.
On-site follow-up during construction.
Drawings and specifications for permitting and construction.
Cost studies and estimates prepared with contractor.
Photo-realistic rendering (optional)
Creative design including 3-D studies.
Confirm everything you want included in the project.
Prepare palette of materials to be used.
Include materials, systems and features to make project environmentally responsible, healthy and energy-efficient.
Compare products, materials and systems for the project.
Planning of required activity-spaces and relationships within and to exterior conditions. Site planning.
Site analysis (for new construction).
Measure, photograph and document existing conditions (for remodels and additions) - building and site. Review with respect to condition, codes, zoning and other requirements.
Organize project, processes and the team for best results.

Establish your project program - objectives, requirements, preferences, budget and schedule.
GR, Homeowner, Fair Oaks, CA
"Richard took a dump of a house and turned it into a charming gem that sold for the highest price per square foot of any property I had sold to that date."
Do you want more space,
a better layout, upgrades
to match your lifestyle,
or your new dream home?

KM, Real Estate Agent, Sacramento, CA
"Richard's design and workmanship were thorough, professional and well-exceeded my expectations."
BB, Real Estate Appraiser, Fair Oaks, CA
"Richard provides design and construction drawing services for me. He is easy to work with solving project requirements, pays attention to my needs and the client's, and is timely in delivery. I like that he can do his own structural calcs, which saves time and cost. His drawings are complete, well thought-out, full of all the details I need, and sail through building dept review. He quickly provides additional material whenever asked, and follows up on the jobsite."
With a successful background in marketing, human resources and personal counseling, Ann brings experience to help you problem-solve issues and make choices to realize your vision.
KM, General Contractor, Auburn, CA
organized especially for your project.
The project was to convert two small bathrooms and closets into two larger bathrooms, and update a 70s style into more contemporary spaces.

Drawing upon a style popular in California, our goal was to achieve an elegant home resting upon its grounds with uncluttered, understated grace... a welcoming retreat after a long day in the executive suite.
This 7,000 gal koi pond was designed to provide a natural setting for relaxing and entertaining, and a varied, supportive environment for the fish.
The result of a collaborative effort that included a client with a vision and a contractor with an eye for design, this 162 sq ft addition to an historical treasure achieved the required increased livability, storage and 1/2 bath  within a tight budget while respecting the existing Victorian forms and details.
"Richard  -  I so appreciate your patience with gathering the facts and taking the time to really hear our true intent for our addition. I loved the energy of your being here and feeling the enthusiasm I know you bring to all that you encounter. Thanks for joining us on our adventure of expansion."
An inspiring environment for an active family, this 5,000 sq ft home has been designed to celebrate times together,  the spaces organized around, or springing from, an exuberant two-story living area, with materials and shapes enclosing in often non-traditional ways that speak to possibility.
Using travertine, indirect lighting, a glass-enclosed shower and an arched soffit, the master bath has been designed to bring a smile and rejuvenation with every visit.
HD, Homeowner, Auburn, CA